Pasta with pumpkin and olives

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Pasta with pumpkin and olives 

Let us learn to cook a typical plate of Lombardia and one of the easiest vegetarian pasta recipes: pasta with pumpkin and olives.

Cuisine: Lombardia
Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 10/15 minutes depending on the chosen pasta
Ingredients (serves 4):
320 g dried pasta
600 g dry-textured clean pumpkin
4 tsp black olives
2 tsp olive oil
1 tsp salt

Olives and grapes or oil and wine

Instructions  for preparing pasta with pumpkin and olives

1) Clean the pumpkin and chop it into small uneven pieces (the size of a small olive would go). Black olives and rosemary can be chopped depending on your taste.
2) In a big pan get 3.5/4 l water to fast rolling boil.
3) Add the salt and drop the pasta. Give it a brisk stir with a long-handled wooden fork or spoon and then cover the pan with the lid to bring the water back to the boil as quickly as possible.
4) Lift off the lid and shoot in the chopped pumpkin.
5) Keep stirring occasionally paying attention to cook pasta for the required cooking time minus one or two minutes.
6) Drain carefully and thoroughly the pasta and pumpkin mix reserving a few ladlefuls of water for later.
7) Put the empty pan back on the fire and drop the pasta and pumpkin mix.
8) Start stirring vigorously while whisking in the olive oil and dropping the olives and rosemary.
9) Keep stirring until the smaller pumpkin pieces start to melt but be careful not to exceed the minute or two you saved when draining the pasta or it will overcook.
10) Pour the required cooking water to get a creamy but not liquid sauce.
11) Sprinkle with pepper and serve immediately, whisking in some extra olive oil if needed.

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