The South Tyrolean Chesnuts Hearts

In November there is a festival in Meran with stalls of handicrafts in the area and surroundings and products such as meats, cheeses, cakes of different backgrounds and the inevitable chestnuts. Her you can find the famous “South Tyrol Heart of Chesnut ” that local people call “kastanienherz”

The traditional Thanks festival in Meran

The Merano Grape Festival (Meraner Traubenfest in German) at the end of the harvest season is the oldest harvest festival in South Tyrol/Südtirol. Held annually since 1886, it takes place on the third weekend in October. During this traditional fair, the streets and squares of Merano/Meran become the venue for the largest folk festival in South Tyrol. Once every five years, the Grape Festival also hosts the music festival sponsored by the Association of South Tyrolean Bands (Verband Südtiroler Musikkapellen).

 The highlight of the Grape Festival in Merano is the Sunday procession through the streets of the town. With its elaborately decorated floats, this colorful parade is accompanied by bands, clubs, folk dance groups, brass ensembles and marching bands. There are also costume guilds from all across South Tyrol, Germany, Switzerland and Trentino. Food stalls and local delicacies display their specialties at the Grape Festival Market (Traubenfest Marktl in German) on the Kurpromenade spa promenade.

In South Tyrol there is a celebration each month because it still remain a land of agriculture. Next month (from 4 till 8 November) there will be

The Meran WineFestival

Biological, biodynamic and natural wine have been a niche product for a long time, but in the last years, they developed a high quality level, which is appreciated in the wine world. During the Merano WineFestival you will find a separate area in the part of Wine International on 4th November from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in the Kurhaus of Merano.

The South Tyrolean Chesnuts Hearts

South Tyrolean candy makers prepare this cake only in Autumn.

Ingredients (for 12 pieces)

  • 300 gr. chestnut puree (obtained by boiling 500 grams. chestnuts for 30 minutes and then peeled and crushed or with a potato masher or by making an incision in the skin of boiled chestnut, and then placed inside of a crushing garlic so doing the pulp out of the holes in the skins remain)
  • 100 gr. icing sugar
  • 1 tablespoon rum cake dark chocolate
  • 250-300 ml. whipped cream   

Stir the chestnut well with icing sugar and rum until mixture is smooth and soft dough. With the mixture formed of hearts (or simply with your hands or as with a heart-shaped mold) place them on a tray. Melt the chocolate and glazed obtained the hearts, let it dry, place them on the paper containers.

To find the best South Tyrolean Chesnuts Hearts

enter the Bakery Eden 

near Eden Cinema 


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