The recommended combination of wine

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The recommended combination of wine with various recipes for risotto is:

½ glass of Valpolicella Classico Red
and ½ medium Soave Recioto -White

We reccomend the typical taste of two rice dishes (tastasal and vegetables) with matching ½ glass of Valpolicella and Soave (White)

Possible variants:
a. Risotto with Shrimp
b. Risotto with Tench
c. Risotto with Mushrooms
d. Risotto with Pumpkin

RISOTTO “al tastasal”
I perceive the scents of the risotto just ladled: beef broth, cinnamon, cheese grits … and I feel well matched with smells of wine. I begin to taste the rice that matches the beginning sipped wine or drink at the end of the plate.

Meanwhile saliva which contains the enzyme ptyalin breaks down starch into maltose and dextrin rice (disaccharides).
The rice so degraded passes into the stomach where it is called a bolus (the enzyme – gastric lipase – breaks the molecules of triglycerides into smaller molecules) and where gastric juices break down the protein molecules.
In this step the wine in contact with the intestinal mucosa, urges greater secretion of juice, favoring the digestive activity.
It acts on the hypothalamus, the area of the brain that stimulates the production of serotonin, a substance capable of returning to the subject a sense of fullness and satiety.
The degreasing effect is perfect and so are ready to second tasting.

Drinking water before or after the meal (the water not being sour performs actions of slowing digestion).

It begins with the taster that table has a glass of red wine and a risotto with tastasal.
The red wine chosen will have the characteristic of a beautiful brilliant ruby red color (classic Valpolicella, etc.) Will present arches widened according to its alcoholic evaporation.With the rotation of the glass of cherry aromas are released and in particular red fruits and some shades of spices.
Taste a sip that holds in the oral cavity and perceives the possible prevalence of one of the four flavors through what detects the language after having swallowed.

A great wine is definitely a wine balanced in 4 flavors.

The recommended combination of wine

The richness of tannins allows degrease the mouth after tasting risotto with tastasal.

Observes the wine in the glass and evaluates the intensity and vibrancy of color. The color is important as it affects the visual impressions since the appearance of the wine has a certain influence on the perception of flavor.

Also, look for the arches that wine leaves on the glass and representing its consistency alcoholic.

Rotates the wine in the glass and the wine so oxygenated free of perfumes.

Smell the smells quickly and think about what they remind him …. Smells floral, spicy or fruity. The smells are also involved in the secretion of saliva causing reflex for the famous “watering”.

Try a sip of wine and holding it for a short period in the oral cavity can enhance the flavors of bitter / astringent (language center), acidity (edges language), sweet (tip of the tongue) and salty (the outermost edge language ) all to establish the balance of the wine. When swallows and disappears from the oral cavity remain impressions buds that are indicated as persistence.

The vegetable rice is obviously less fat than the tastasal and so it would be better to choose a rosé oir a white Soave that is less tannic.

The vegetable rice is obviously less fat than the tastasal and so it would be better to combine a White Soave that is less tannic.

  • Rice with shrimps is very delicate and so you may want to combine a Lugana or Durello.

  • Rice with tench has a stronger taste and so you may want to combine a Durello.

  • Rice with mushrooms requires savory wines: a sauvignon or chardonnay

  • Rice with pumpkin also joined the pillow goes well with tocai or riesling.

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