Summer healthy smoothies

Today your experts of the Mediterranean Diet present to you summer healthy smoothies suggestions. Use all the fruit you love,  mix it together and create amazing healthy drinks!

It is summer Summer and to fight against heat of July and August listen to the Mediterranean Diet’s suggestions.

In its wisdom, nature donates us cold and refreshing fruits and vegetables in the summer months and energetic, caloric food in the wintertime.

Let’s have a look to the set of wonderful and colourful fruit useful for smoothies and healthy juices and drinks. We will try to stick to seasonal fruit in order to follow the natural path of the products that grow in our particular area, the Mediterranean.

All the properties of seasonal summer fruits

Apricots contain vitamins B, C and many carotenoids, forerunners for vitamin A. This fruit helps the immune system, the skin, nails and the hair.

The watermelon contains A and C vitamins, fructose, potassium and favours drainage. It causes a feeling of satiety and is appreciated for its refreshing and character, besides being a remedy against fatigue and tiredness

Cherries contrast the ageing of your skin while favouring and helping sleepiness thanks to their melatonin. Eating cherries helps the heart, too: it seems like they are able to reduce cholesterol through their natural antioxidants.

closeup on bowl of berries and yogurtStrawberries contain C vitamin,
mineral salts like iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, are depurative and diuretic, contributing to the elimination of uric acid from the organism.

Raspberries, like all other berries, are rich of fibers, C vitamin, mineral salts and are diuretic, energetic and refreshing. They are incredibly helpful as they are anti-inflammatories. They protect blood capillaries used for external use, for example they are useful for inflamed skin.

Blueberries contain A and C vitamins together with phosphorus and potassium. They have a high percentage of polyphenols which act as antibacterial against infections and protect blood vessels fortifying capillaries and toning up veins.  Also, they are excellent against free radicals and slow down the skin ageing.

Melons are among the most refreshing fruits, they help prevent dehydration and favour the elimination of toxins while fighting cellulite. For its content of mineral salts, sugars and A and C vitamins the melon is the ideal fruit to reinforce and tone up your skin keeping it fresh and tonic.

Peaches are rich in vitamins, calcium and zinc. They help the secretion of gastric juices, stimulating digestion. The peach is therefore a very important diuretic and digestive fruit.

Homemade summer healthy smoothiesw630_centrifugati_smoothies_20150617123214

for tunning body

Start freezing your fruit after cutting it into pieces and removing the skin: try with 3 pineapple slices, 2 small carrots,  2 peaches, 2 apricots, a spoon of ribes. Freeze for an hour, then use the mixer to blend it together with ice cubes, 2 spoons of dehydrated coconut and half a glass of pineapple juice. Blend at high speed for 10 minutes, add half a banana cut into pieces and blend again. You’ll get a fresh, creamy smoothie, perfect to sweeten your summer days and prepare for relaxing sunbaths.

Detox summer healthy smoothies

If you’ve just ended a period of dinners with friends, heavy meals and stressful days, that’s all you may need: a short detox period you can start with this fresh and special detox smoothie.

Blend 200ml of coconut milk, a handful of rocket and a dash of pepper or nutmeg.

Alternatively, you can replace your morning cup of coffee with a mix of blueberries, bananas and natural orange juice, for a special antioxidant breakfast.

w630_centrifugati_smoothies_20150617122632This recipe is true ultra vitamin concentrate which will heal all of your body. Blend 2 red oranges for one minute, a bi
handful of blueberries and 2 spoons of blackberries.

summer healthy smoothies

For all those summer afternoons when heat might deconcentrate you, this refreshing smoothie will be an excellent treat for you. Blend 1 lemon, 2 pears (alternatively apples or bananas) and a handful of watercress.

Are you ready your own creation og summer healthy smoothies?

Prepare it and send us ingredients and photos … we will publish it.


The team of Mediterranean Diet invites you to the next article to find out the benefits of the Mediterranean diet recipes.
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