Stuffed Boiled Eggs

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Stuffed Boiled Eggs

A classic starter of Italian tradition are Stuffed Boiled Eggs. This simple but tasty dish is suitable for any occasion and can be cooked in every time.

Because of the simplicity of the recipe, there are many variations, depending on the tastes and occasions. Some people add to the classic recipe anchovies, others decorate them with herbs or adds a creamy vegetable … well, free your immagination!

Below we propose the classic version of eggs stuffed with tunafish, with a hint of red.

Ingredients (4 persons)

6 boiled eggs

80g tunafish in olive oil



Shell the eggs and cut them in half, remove the yolks and place them in a bowl. Add the drained tuna, mayonnaise and ketchup. Mix well to avoid lumps, the dough should be soft but not too much, salt and place the mixture into a pastry bag, fill the half eggs and decorate them with a caper on each.

Now the eggs are ready!

Try also to decorate the eggs with a fillet of dried tomatoes, with some herbs or with a fillet of dark olive.

Simple, tasty and fresh.

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