The Vezzena cheese

The Vezzena cheese is produced on the Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna highland from very ancient times, always having great fame thanks to the excellent product and the possibility of dual use table and grating. Until the First World War Vezzena was the only cheese in Trentino used as a seasoning for soups and dumplings and as  chronicle tell us, it was one of the favorite cheeses by Emperor Franz Joseph.

Raw milk semi-skimmed – from Brown Swiss or Alpine Grey cow – is processed with rennet cattle: after the various  stages of production, the cheese is matured overcoming sometimes the two years of seasoning (for the type of Vezzena Stravecchio).

Produced for centuries in the mountain pastures, is a semi-cooked cheese which is matured for 24 months. Tasty and slightly spicy, located in the first courses and dishes of white meat with multiple variants.

Processing of  the Vezzena  cheese


To get this cheese is used milk milked in the evening, collected and cooled on plates or in bowls, to which is added to the hot milk milked in the morning. Inoculant milk is added, it is heated and rennet is added of bovine origin. After coagulation and cooking, the curd is extracted and is placed into molds of wood, aluminum or plastic material, inside cotton cloths. In the evening  remove the mold,  put the forms in wooden molds and place in a damp and warm room – “in coolness” – for four days. Salting, which lasts about ten days, takes place in brine or dry, following forms  carried in stock savory seasoning and once a month are treated with linseed or seeds oil  and clean.

History  of the Vezzena  cheese



Vezzena cheese is a cheese-standing tradition for the delicacy of its flavor and the ability to be used both on table  and grating.

Before the Great War in Trentino Vezzena was virtually the only cheese dressing. The production was modest, and also the consumption grating was not much useed, because the pasta, typical dish of Italian cuisine, was not very popular in the old Trentino cuisine.

Vezzena had been grated on soups, stews or on the dumplings. After the war, the annexation to Italy also changed eating habits and Trentino prevailed more and more pasta. The place of Vezzena  was taken by the parmesan cheese, because the production of this cheese had to temporarily stop by the conflict, which destroyed much of the grassland and pastures.

The Territory of  the Vezzena  cheese


Lavarone highland, wide area characterized by pastures and rolling lawns that was the scene of fierce fighting during the First World War (numerous forts and war structures give us testimony), have the Lavarone Lake , one of the cleanest lakes  in Italy.

The lake, clearly from Karst origin, has an area of 64 thousand meters and is located at 1100 meters of altitude.

The waters and the environment surrounding it exude serenity. The Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, “father of psychoanalysis” loved to spend the holidays in this location and unwind with a quiet walk along the lake.

In winter Lavarone turns into a popular ski resort.

The plateau, place of quiet and relaxing summer holidays, offers many opportunities for both visitors most demanding sports and for those who wish to experience the tastes and flavors of the Dolomites.

Today the Mediterranean diet presents  a fast first dish from Folgaria

To buy it you can go to

Caseificio Degli Altipiani E Del Vezzena Societa’ Cooperativa Agricola

182, Via Emilio Colpi, Folgaria, TN 38064, 38064 Folgaria TN


Risotto with bacon and Vezzena


– 1 knob of Alpine hut butter

– 1 shallot

– 1 bay leaf

– 1 sprig of rosemary

– 100 g of bacon

– 450g Arborio rice

– White wine

– Meat broth

– 200g of Vezzena  cheese


1) In a saucepan we melt a knob of  alpine hut butter

2) Chop a shallot, a bay leaf and a sprig of rosemary.

3) Let’s put in a saucepan with 100g of bacon into cubes.

4) We fry and add 450g  of Arborio rice.

5) Let it toast for a few minutes, add a little  white wine and  start cooking, adding, occasionally, meat broth, stirring constantly.

6) After a few minutes, add 200g of Vezzena cheese cubes and conclude the cooking of rice.

7) Meanwhile, in a pan, let it brown other 50g of bacon with rosemary until it becomes crispy.

8) Serve the rice on plates and decorate with the crispy bacon.

Bon Appetite !!


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