Lasagna or lasagne?

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Lasagna or lasagne?

Lasagna or lasagne: it’s a long story that of lasagna. The Romans made a pie with sweet ricotta and lagane (a kind of pasta near to Greek lasagne), pappardelle and subsequently spelled wheat semolina, which is still in use Lucania for soup.

Are Lagane and laganelle poor ancestors of luxurious lasagna?

Someone says” Sunday is not
Sunday if on the table does not dominate the lasagna of my mother…
And each mother has its own recipe, her secret to make them more good. Italy is divided neatly into two, the centernorth and south in the concept of lasagna. From Emilia, everybody knows, lasagna bolognese, made with egg pasta, meat sauce and bechamel. This cannot be an ancient recipes because the bechamel saucehas arrived with the French not many centuries ago, from Naples instead there is lasagna” in the singular, made with durum wheat pasta and fresh egg, and can be considered heir of the ancient lagane. Unless that lasagna is much richer because it is a plate of Carnival, really exciting even if you can eat it all year (big job, but it’s worth it).

About the names, between làgana” and lasagna” there is no relationship, because it’s a different story even if the substance is similar.
Lagana” is the Greek very old word brought in Ancient Greece several centuries before Christ, while “lasagna”, more recently, comes from the name of a vessel, a clay pot, the lasanum”, inside which was cooked timbale.
A big job, but let’s not be lazy and will be a triumph and a great surprise, especially because this dish wealthy and notable effect is unknown to most people in northern Italy.
There are layers of pasta and sauce, a set that must be cooked for about half an hour in a moderate oven, about 180 degrees, with the caveat of making a timbale not too high or else bakes little inside, and after serving at least 15-20 minutes so it settles.

Cooked pasta half the time expected in salted water with a few tablespoons of oil, drain and let cool on a dishtowel.The sauce: there you put a sauce with various types of meat, including pork ribs, which must cook slowly 4 or 5 hours. Since the other ingredients are not exactly “lightis more reasonable a tomato sauce well pulled, perhaps with a fried ham. The function elsewhere is assigned to the white sauce is carried out by about a pound of cottage cheese plus grated Parmesan cheese and a little hot water and then beat you like a mousse. And now the happy legion of other ingredients: slices of smoked cheese or mozzarella pizza, tronchettini of sausage made stir-fry, hard boiled egg, and then, last but not least, the legendary meatballs”. It is perhaps the most boring part of the company: with ground beef, pork and veal, a bit of bread soaked and squeezed, Parmesan cheese, salt (a little) and pepper and finally a whole egg you make meatballs big as a cherry, and fry briefly in olive oil and downing.There, now we have it all. On the bottom of the pan a little ‘sauce, then pasta, ricotta cheese, smoked cheese, sausage, eggs, meatballs, sauce and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. You end up with sauce, Parmesan cheese, butter.

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