Wine is good or bad for diet

To decide if wine is good or bad for diet, we’ve to consider that moderate amounts of wine during meals improves the appetite, increase the secretory activity useful to digestion and increase gastric motility and intestinal peristalsis. ”

The alcohol content in wine stimulates salivary secretion, which thanks to an enzyme called ptyalin, is the first digestion of ingested food and division of complex components, such as starch. The flavor and the acidity will be able to further stimulate salivary glands while, on the contrary, bitter sensations made by tannins will function of astringency in the mouth.

The food bolus (the enzyme – gastric lipase – breaks the triglyceride molecules into smaller molecules), in the stomach, where gastric juices perform important actions of division, in particular in respect of the protein (the gastric juices break down the protein molecules) . (disaccharides pass into the stomach which is an acidic environment)
In this step the wine in contact with the intestinal mucosa, urges greater secretion of juice, favoring the digestive activity.

You have to remember that, as noted above the wine has an acid pH as well as that of the stomach and therefore does not interfere negatively, on the contrary (strange but true) of the water, not being sour, performs actions of slowing. It acts on the hypothalamus, the area of the brain that stimulates the production of serotonin, a substance capable of returning to the subject a sense of fullness and satiety.

The tannins and polyphenols in general, in addition to the antioxidant, protective actions taking place on some types of ulcerative lesions of the stomach.
Important stimulating actions of the intestine, increasing the elastic capacity and absorption, which in turn encourages a decrease in the phenomenon of constipation. (duodenum we complete digestion of proteins, triglycerides and saccharides)

Individuals suffering from colitis, or likely to dysentery, will benefit from taking wines rich in tannin that tightens and tones the intestinal muscles, including the colon. Great red wines from Piedmont Nebbiolo based, like Barbaresco, Barolo, Ghemme and Gattinara. Nebbiolo is a grape with an important structure as well as one of the Italian grape varieties with higher concentration of tannins, which gives rise to red with good structure with excellent resistance to aging.

Antiseptic properties in the gastrointestinal tract, stimulation of bile contributing to the digestion of fat and blood-thinning properties.

“The wine makes good blood”

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