The use of the hop

Today your advisors  of Mediterranean Diet present you some invaluable  advice on the use of the hop.

The history of hop

The Sumerians and the CHINESE MEDICINE knew the therapeutic properties of the hops. They used it as a digestive remedy and for the treatment of leprosy, tuberculosis, dysentery and intestinal diseases.
In our culture only from the twelfth century, the plant is a “remedy of melancholia” for its aperitif, cleansing, laxative and worming. In 1500 at the time of the Council of Trent, Pier Andrea Mattioli highlights the therapeutic hops (unknown to the Greek and Roman medicine). From that moment the female inflorescences
(cones) entered in all the pharmacopoeias as “glandulae hops “. They are still used for various ailments. Hops has antiseptic, antibacterial, vermifuge and stomachic properties.

The use of the hop in the Kitchen:

Collect the tips of the hop plant (in many Venetian dialect “bruscandoli”, in Piedmontese dialect “luvertin”) in the spring (March-May), The length is about 20cm and you can use them as the most famous “asparagus” (and sometimes mistakenly called “wild asparagus”).
Note how, in contrast to the majority of the shoots used for culinary use, the jets of wild hop are more tasty as they are large. Boil them for 5- 10 minutes, with a little water or steam. Eat them directly with classic condiment “sour”, or skip a few minutes in the pan to serve with rice or used for risotto, omelets and soups.

A good collection of  bruscandoli and then a great risotto.
In my risotto I want to enhance the flavor of the herbs without covering it with butter or cheese. So those who want to, can go with me with:
– Saute onion in extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt.
– boil bruscandoli. chopp them and when they are cooked put them in the sauté.
– We will then add the rice, adding the broth until cook it
– Serve the risotto a little ‘liquid.



As an appetizer, usually we expect the main dish tasting Parmesan cheese. Decorate it with a few slices of candied or fresh pear or sopressa. Put it  on a toasted whole wheat bread.

Wine- food pairing:

Wine consumption both at home and in restaurant is a glass which must therefore be of the highest quality and represent the key point of a meal around which rotate the different courses.
The wines we propose are not from classic combinations but they are the focal point of the tastings:
Ripasso and Amarone from Valpolicella for those who like strong flavors
White Lugana and Soave for enhancing herbs
Durello from Bolca for those who love bubbles.

The properties of the Hop:

– The hop is  invigorating, refreshing, diuretic and laxative; in fact a mall bunch contains 10 cal.
– It has properties as  purifying the blood, stimulating liver function and sedatives.
– Fight cellulite, provides cooked with little fat.

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