If you ask me : how large can be the largest christmas ball of the world ? I would answer 1 or 2 meter. I would have never thought that the largest christmas ball of the world  is 42 meter!!

Cellina von Mannstein (fifth generation of the family of the South Tyrolean brewers  but with experiences of a professional photographer in New York with Terry Richardson) thought the interior design of “Felsenkeller”. Here the rustic atmosphere of the cave and the luxury understatement marries naive decorations, the silver candlesticks are combined to craft lanterns, mirrors darkened by time endlessly reproduce the spaces of the old cellar.

Cellina tells us that “this restaurant was the dream of my grandmother. It’s located in the ancient cellars of the company, where once were stored blocks of ice to cool the wort”. Upstairs there is a real piece of modern art: the kitchen that was used from 1956 to 1971.

Looking around you feel in the past and if you look at the ceiling you can see the highlight of the room. Attached to the ceiling of the cave there is a Christmas ball oversize (its diameter is 4.5 meters) made by Pazeller Valentin, master carpenter. Inside there are 24 small balls of wood and glass that make up a homemade Advent calendar.

This artwork is ready to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest Christmas ball.

Every day until Christmas Eve, a personality of  South Tyrol will be godfather or godmother to the calendar. The Felsenkeller remain open six weeks and will therefore be a “temporary restaurant (this formula has been born in New York and landed in Italy, in the preparation of these events are involved architects, designers and chefs).

There is also a great cook is Alois Haller, thirty-seven Merano at this restaurant Castel Fragsburg since 2007, Michelin star and a list of other awards so far. He could not of course miss the special beer, the Felsenkellerbier tapped only here, at which the master brewer Christian Pircher gave full flavor and left the natural turbidity

Before entering the Felsenkeller, cross a small pine forest, where they are scattered houses and tiny stand: the Forest Christmas, a Christmas market extra-small where you can shop for a good purpose: the gadget to Forst House garments of wool, from bacon to cheese produced in the valleys of South Tyrol everything will finance interventions charity of Südtirolhilft (“Alto Adige helps”).

After the food experience at Felsenkeller you can visit (until 8 December, every day from 10 to 18, free admission), in the former reading rooms delKurhaus Merano, Luminapolis, shows some of the work of Marco Lodola and Renzo Arbore . The two artists, in fact, participate in the project “Christmas Trees Merano -Collection 2014”, the first with its large light sculptures that redesign the space so imaginative and irreverent, the second (perhaps best known as a presenter, jazz musician and showman) with its collection “Miami Swing”, a gallery of furniture and furnishings that reproduce, so playful and colorful, shapes and patterns of the 50s / 60s.

Info: Felsenkeller: tel. 0473.22.18.87

Luminapolis, Tourist Authority Merano: tel. 0471.27.20.24,


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