Pandoro or Panettone

Pandoro or Panettone? The race between the two most famous desserts of the holiday season is about to begin. Which of the two is as good it’s hard to say, depends on the tastes.

History of panettone

The cake was born in Milan by the love story between Ughetto and Adalgisa. The family of Ughetto, falconer Duke, contrasted the story of the young man with the beautiful Adalgisa, the daughter of a baker. When the girl’s father began to have financial trouble due to the loss of customers and the illness of his boy, Adalgisa was forced to do menial jobs to ensure some money to the family.

The young was sad for the situation and so he had the idea of working as an apprentice in the oven. During the period of work Ughetto made changes to the bread before adding the butter and then sugar to the recipe. One night there Ughetto also added even bits of candied citron and eggs.

It was a very special bread and pleased at all. For Christmas the young man thought to also add dried grapes. It was a triumph, everyone wanted the new bread invented by Ughetto. Of course, like any history with good end the two lived happily after with the sweet bread with “uga” (dried grape), or “Beautiful panett cont i ughett”.

This is avery romantic story, but  most of the sources, quotes a Milanese baker named Toni, who at a banquet, singed bread but managed to remedy the damage mixing it with eggs, sugar and spices.

Hence the name “pan del Toni”, now panettone.

History of Pandoro

In the Renaissance, in Veneto precisely, it seems that rich people ate food covered with thin leaves of fine gold, including just a sweet conical called “pan de oro”. From this comes “pandoro” , the sweet of Verona. Another story assigns motherhood of Pandoro to the famous French croissants, which for centuries was the dessert of the court of the Doges.

In any case there is a date that officially sanctioned the birth of Pandoro, October 14, 1884, the day when Domenico Melegatti filed patent office a sweet from mixing soft and the characteristic baking mold with star-shaped conical eight tips, by the artist Dall’Oca Bianca impressionist painter.

How to recognize the most good


If you choose the traditional Milan Panettone you should check that

  • the dome is engraved cross without other reliefs and splits.
  • The crust should be snug to the dough should be golden and no burns.
  • The dough should be soft inside and yellow loading and must have the characteristics of the pockets (holes), a sign that the dough is leavened naturally
  • The candied fruits and raisins must be present in significant amounts


  • The fund is to be brown but not burnt
  • The dough should be yellow, soft and large bubbles should be less obvious than the cake.
  • The flavor should not be sour or with aromatic notes exaggerated.

Pandoro or Panettone


Both the cake that the Pandora can (and should) be eaten at Christmas, perhaps replacing them with other foods.
They are two very sweet energy, 100 grams of panettone have the same calories of a pasta dish.

So be careful not to exceed; it is normal that eating a food that you like in excess portions (a slice of cake or Pandoro is about 180-200 gr.).
It is complete foods rich in starch and protein content with a decent, if you do not want to gain weight you can replace the bread (so if I eat a slice of panettone not touch bread during the meal).
Given the ‘high fat is desirable to reduce the amount of oil in the meal in which are eaten. Must pay particular attention to the introduction of these foods people with diabetes, hypertriglyceridemia, hyperlipidemia and obesity.


Panettone (gr 100)
Kcal 386
Protein 6 g.
Lipids 15 g.
Carbohydrates 56 g.


Pandoro (gr 100)
Kcal 414
Protein 8 g.
Lipids 20 g.
Carbohydrates 52 g.




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