Mediterranean food in London

If you want to find Mediterranean food in London and you want to spend a day tasting quality Mediterranean food,  but you don’t know where to go, don’t worry we from Mediterranean diet team have the right place for you.

London is a city rich of different cultures, in which people from all over the world merge creating that fantastic environment rich of flavours. For this reason it is not so difficult to find true Mediterranean organic products in the middle of the City, near London Bridge station.


The Borough Market is one of the most famous food market in London. You can find from the Scottish Salmon to the Indian tea. But there are also a lot of Italian, French, Spanish and Greek traders always ready to help you finding the best organic product. They want to help you discovering the ancient flavour and aroma of the Mediterranean diet in the most modern city in Europe.

Are you looking for the best Italian olive oil? You have to go to De Calabria, where you can taste and even touch the true flavours of Calabria like wild oregano,  Pecorino and chestnut honey. Or are you looking for Parmesan and San Daniele? No problem, there is The Parma Ham and Mozzarella stand where you can be sure to find the true Italian products.

The best day for visiting the market is Thursday, because there are not so many customers like Saturday, and the traders can advice you and let you taste without any hurry their best products.


The Borough Market is a place that you really have to visit if you are in London, whether you just want to walk around the stalls full of delicatessen from the Mediterranean or taste French cheese or Greek olive.

Mediterranean food in London

White and Mora

Various products from Emilia Romagna, especially Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Mora Romagnola. All is strictly organic and branded DOP. You can find it inside the Jubilee Market.

De Calabria

The name says it all! Calabria is represented here thanks to Giuseppe Mele counter. It is perhaps the only place in London where you can buy the real ‘Nduja, and of course the Calabrian brawn, extra virgin olive oil, bottarga and more. You can find it inside the Jubilee Market.

The drunk – Drunk Cheese

The drunken cheese comes from the area of ​​Treviso, with a seasoning of 18 months, of which the last 6 is immersed in wine for the phase of intoxication. Obviously different wines and different techniques produce divese types of cheese. You can find it inside the Green Market.


To manage this historic bank is Marco Vineis. For over 10 years we import only the highest quality products: fresh and aged cheeses, salami, balsamic vinegar and much more: a typical Italian delicatessen. There is also the opportunity to be preparing a sandwich to eat while strolling through the market. You can find it inside the Jubilee Market

Parma Ham and Mozzarella

As the name suggests, the highlights are the Parma Ham and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana, more exactly Capaccio (Salerno). Inside the Green Market.

Fresh Olive Company

This bank offers many products coming from the Mediterranean, so even Italian. Stop here for a taste of the best extra virgin olive oils. Within the Middle Market.

Your Pasta

You want to prepare your guests a dish of ravioli authentic? Francesco Boggian produces the fantastic fresh pasta. The choice is of course infinite: tortellini, tortelloni, gnocchi, pappardelle etc … You can find it in the Green Market.

The Olive Oil Co.

The largest selection of extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and balsamic glaze? Propose it Danilo Manco bench. Do not hesitate to take a little ‘bread that is offered, and wet it with the oil that you want to try. Inside the Green Market.



Sicily in London

Sebastiano Accaputo personally travels to Sicily in search of the best local products that you can then sell at Borough Market. Even here the choice is exceptional: Mongibello oil, chili paste and fish, honey and a special selection of Sicilian cheeses. You can find it in the Jubilee Market.


Also in this case the name does not mind: here you will find everything about the truffle! And not only fresh produce but also oils, sauces and honey made of the most famous tuber in the world. In the Jubilee Market.


Sweet Roots

Let’s go back in Calabria with Luca Giuliani and his bench totally dedicated to licorice. In addition to traditional products you will find liqueurs and brownies to taste licorice! You can find it in the Jubilee Market.

Just outside the market it is one of the most famous Italian ice cream shops in London: Gelateria 3BIS. We went and we assure you that the quality is very high. The guys who work there they explained that the products used are organic 100% and the method of manufacture of the ice cream is totally handmade. You also bars and pastry, so in addition to the ice cream you can sit for a sweet and a good cappuccino. Unlike the market, the ice cream shop is open every day and is located at 4 Park Street.

Always outside Borough Market, in a passage that connects one of the areas of the market to the London Bridge Station, found Altamarea: a typical Italian delicatessen. Pizzas, calzones, oranges and more. The address is 5 Green Dragon Court.

After you go at the Borough Market, leave here a comment about your favourite product!



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