Magic Atmosphere at Christmas market

How can we describe the magic atmosphere at Christmas market that we breathe each year from 27th November till 6 January in  all South Tyrol?

People leaving in South Tyrol doesn’t find this magic atmosphere at Christmas market but each year thousands of tourists come to feel it.

Tourists walk through the wood little houses of 80 exhibitors, smell the hot wine called “brule” and hear the Christmas songs and tastes the typical food of 3 gastronomy stalls.

The magic atmosphere at Christmas market is linked with family traditions: the festive decorations on the white tree, the nativity, the advent crown, the scented cakes and confectionery made week after week by the expert hands of those who keep their secret recipes and tricks. Behind these commercial activities is the tradition of exchanging gifts amongst young and old, the attention to detail in decorating the home and setting the festive table.

Magic Atmosphere at Christmas market

A traditional market, yet always novel for the small but significant touches, the surprises and renewed traditions that seemed to have sunk into oblivion.

Underneath the Christmas tree the nativity returns in real rustic alpine style: the Holy Family with cow and donkey inside a real miniature stable, made in old wood and shingle roof like mountain farms and huts. The house-shaped stalls exhibit only locally produced objects, according to strict regulations: from wooden statuettes to decorations, from traditional cakes and confectionery to accessories (slippers and hats), from stationery to musical instruments, decorative candles, and hand-crafted Christmas balls.Piazza Walther has a dedicated indoor space where the craftsmen can be watched while they create their crafts. This initiative is organized in collaboration with the Craftsmen of Alto Adige.


Gastronomy also continues to  attract the attention and curiosity, with fresh products on the various market stalls: from mulled wine to apple fritters, from apple juice to Strudel, and children will not forget their first encounter with the Market: the miniature train, the merry-go-round, the puppet theatre, the horse-drawn carriage through the streets of the city or the market stalls with kids’ entertainment.

In those days Bolzano is divided in two cities: the city of tourists and the city of citizens. All tourists remain in the center of the city and has no reason to discover the hidden treasure od the city


To eat something very quickly but hand made

also with ingredientsgluten free

stop at bar “Degustibus” a little bar in Via Rosmini 51.

This bar is owned by a very nice family that is friend to dogs and prepare dishes very cheap but tasty.

After a long walk through shops and along the river to enjoy pure air and panorama, stop at bar Luce in Piazza Vittoria 1 where a nice mother in the morning prepares handmade cookies and from 8 to 20 each day from 20 years serves coffee, the, juices to people sitting inside and enjoying the sun outside.



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