There’s something for everyone this time, and we should say, even here, so on and so forth. In fact, we are talking about Licorice, a substance derived from a perennial plant, divided into many specie … who does not pray much, before surrendering, and fall into sin; a sin of gluttony among the most sought. It has now many forms and it seems none of them let us down. Far from it. A licorice makes you want just by looking. Its flavor is very difficult, if not impossible, to be confused with any other available. It like a little at all, and it is not so uncommon to see men and women who go to work in the office, in the morning or after lunch, with the usual dose of liquorice tablets in the mouth, all intent on chewing, almost lost in an ecstasy, fleeting but satisfying, pure palate pleasure.

Warning, if necessary, to those who feel a bit under pressure, to those who feel ce, but otherwise, why not, for a moment aside, for a moment all for yourself, to let us slide down a licorice, you can find it .

Let’s talk, then, forgetting that many others will surely have already spoken before us, and forgetting how many will talk about it in the future. This little corner, in this portal so hospitable, so that allows us so much freedom of access, sharing, and joy of being together, sharing the best you can find in the field, I said, this corner is all ours.

Certainly it is the Mediterranean diet, but it is always a diet that has nothing sanctimonious.

And so, we would be talking of this whets desires which is the licorice. Licorice is now commercially available in many forms and is used in many forms for making so sold in pharmacies, and much more. It had been found in ancient times. Napoleon Bonaparte or Hippocrates himself might tell us about it, and on an informed basis. And it is well known that the Shiites could walk in the desert for several hours, without suffering thirst, because they used pieces of chewing licorice roots. Obviously already they knew the refreshing quality of this food.
Licorice is helpful – really – for a lot of things, especially for many of those disorders for which willingly we would pretend not to know even the meaning; the knowledge of certain medical terms, in itself would be banned if we could do it, but only talk about them just makes good, it gives us a hold of personal conscience. And then it does a little courage, accepting the existence of certain problems and tackling , if necessary, their existence and consequences. We are speak about gastro-duodenal ulcers, constipation and bloating, but we will not forget the benefits that licorice brings even those who has respiratory problems, those suffering from cough and can not easily get rid of mucus excess in the bronchus.
It would be precisely this a good time for a liquorice. There is an active ingredient – the Glycyrrhizin – in this fantastic food, which in fact favors the expectorant activities. But we must also remember the presence of starch, glucose, flavonoids, and vitamins. A global kit if you think about it a little bit more. Asthma, ailments related to liver failure, or rheumatic diseases, digestive disorders, ulcers, colds, bronchitis … a list that is amazing to see … and to put into practice even more. The reduction of gastro-oesophageal reflux or attenuation of sore throat are more excuses to tell us that now is the appropriate time to give us a licorice, under every useful form that just in that particular time allows us to take.

And as if we had the fear of having forgotten something while composing for you this article, we pay attention not to miss any useful information – because if it is true that the customer is king, your requests must be settle. And then we talk about licorice, a topic that can almost tease the susceptibility of someone. We said just before; now you can find licorice anywhere, and especially in the purse and into a shirt pocket, where is possible to hide faster your beloved tablets, to gum before entering the office, at school, in the gym, in the store, anywhere.


How is a plant of Licorice?
It was around the year 1578 that this plant has taken the scientific name of Glycyrrhiza glabra. It belongs to the Fabaceae or Leguminosae family.
It can reach a height of one meter. It’s also perennial, which means it can live more than two years. Boiling the root of this plant we get a vegetable extract that bears the same name of the plant. So both the plant and the extract obtained by boiling are known by the same name, a name that extends to all co-products that we can get. The resulting products, reduced in powder are well suited for the preparation of various sweets.

But not wanting to give up anything, we highlight the great health benefits that result from the use of licorice. And then, even if it is true, as we said above, that at times you would prefer not to know even certain medical conditions that there are little cute because of the problems they create, we take only the opportunity that in case of problems with asthma, swelling , sore throat, excessive mucus production, gastro-intestinal problems and many other glitches unpleasant to list all, a liquorice is good. But be careful. As mentioned in the opening article who knows or is Hypertensive should not overdo the intake of licorice. Even those who have to pay regard to the blood pressure will do well to keep the intake of this food under control, because in this case not to overdo is already a solution. Then the extracts of this plant will be avoided by people with diabetes problems or pregnant women. New studies have shown that licorice should have an impact still higher than that known in the treatment of disorders of the liver, implementing what appears to be a protective function on this organ so important, and even in menopause or in cases of Herpes Zoster it seems to offer more than you once thought, but in this case it is worth to maintain a proper balance.

We know very well how hard is to say no in front of something like that.

And today the market offers more and more aggressive in terms of choice solutions.

A lot has been already spoken in the past. But in our little world offered by the funny pages of the Mediterranean Diet hopefully we will have done our part.

And then, you know it right now, we’ll be here to talk about it again when, the next time, there will be something to add.

This is a translation from the italian article made by Marino 

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