Is this a krapfen?

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Is this a krapfen?

If you walk through the streets of a little village in South Tyrol during fashing time and you ask for a krapfen you could be surprised and ask yourself “Is this a krapfen”?

Each italian region and each time of the year has its typical cake. But sometimes different regions have different cakes with the same name. This is the case of krapfen. Krapfen are baked during all the year, but on Fasching time their production is very high.

In the center of Bolzano or in Milan if you ask for a krapfen you’ll eat what you see in the picture below and they’ re fulfilled with cream or chocolate or marmelade.


In the little villages in South Tyrol and in the home where old women cook ancient recipes you can find a different type of krapfen (see the photo of the post) fullfilled with apricot marmalade or poppy seeds.

The gastronomic tradition of South Tyrol foresees that on certain occasions special dishes have to be served. It is therefore normal that the dinner party ends or beginns with something crunchy , fried . The variety of these foods is likely to make it difficult to embrace in a single glance : every valley, every country has its specialties .

In ancient time, approaching the weekend the housewife country wondered : what I prepare for the night of the party (Saturday ) ? If you had enough time , fry the ” Tirtlen ” donuts , ” Strauben ” or ” Plattlen ” ( pancakes ) potatoes . Otherwise opted for the buttermilk pancakes (made from sour dough ) or the ” Nigilan ” ( small donuts yeast dough without filling) .

The more important was the upcoming holidays , the more challenging the work appeared in the kitchen . It was so in the whole region. Only the names , shapes and stuffed pancakes were so different that it is difficult to contemplate them all.

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