Christmas lunch with low calories

For a Christmas lunch with low calories follow these advices

1) learn how to cook in the healthy way
2) match the right wines for the right dishes

For a Christmas lunch with low calories you have to cook in the healthy way you need:

a) to distribute meals throughout the day (big breakfast, light lunch and light dinner)
b) Always keep in mind the food pyramid
c) cooking with great attention to limit the use of high calorie foods (example: use only 1 tablespoon of olive oil each time) and use low-calorie foods (Annex 3)
d) make adequate physical activity
e) limit the consumption of alcohol (up to one glass of wine per meal) focusing on quality over quantity
f) match wines to the dishes as described below

For a Christmas lunch with low calories: general combination rules

Traditional match: A typically regional or local dish should generally be combined with one of the same area wines to create an affinity of scents and flavors

Match for opposition and concordance of flavors:  The more enjoyable match is when the wine expresses opposite characteristics the ones of the food.

When a dish is particularly fat (for example Zampone) it will be good to match it with a good fresh, tangy red wine (fresh means the wine acidity) that it, counteracting the greasiness of the food, clean up your mouth and lighten the heaviness of the dish.
The sweet taste of a food tends to prevail, especially in the case of dessert. Since there are no dry wines that can stand comparison with the character of a sweet dessert it is definitely better to accommodate the sugar content of the plate and match it with a sweet wine (concordance sweet dish sweet wine).
Tended the body of the wine must be proportional to the structure of the dish and then a plate rather complex requires elaborate preparations due to the type of cooking, the amount or preciousness of the ingredients, should be combined with an equally complex and robust wine, good aging , that it cannot be dominated by the personality of the food.

A light and delicate plate as a result will not have to be “covered” by too important wines or have a pronounced flavor component, but will marry a pure, light and young wine so you’ll have a Christmas lunch with low calories


Each plate should ideally be accompanied by a different wine, and then according with the flow rates should vary the wine, because each dish has its own flavor characteristics.
Match tied to the seasons – It is based on the logical principle that in the summer we hardly prepare typical winter dishes and vice versa. In the winter we will have fat dishes and in summer light dishes, so you can understand that in the summer we will not drink Barolo because it is suitable to complex dishes! So you’ll have a Christmas lunch with low calories

 Light seafood appetizers, chicken salad  Dry white with little acidity, even lightly sparkling (1-2 years, 10° C)
 Galantines  Dry and  soft white (1-2 years, 10° C)
 Patè  White slightly palatable (1-3 years, 10-12° C)
 Cocktail shrimp or prawns  Aromatic white (1-2 years, 10° C)
 Prosciutto  light and savory rosé (1 year, 12 ° C)
 Italian antipasti of raw sausages (no pickles)  Fresh rosé or young red vivacious (1-2 years, 12-14 ° C)
 Raw vegetables with vinaigrette  Soft white lightly scented (1 year, 10° C)
 Butter eggs  soft and young  dry white (1 year, 10° C)
 Eggs with ham and cheese  White of character or light rosè (1-2 years, 10° C)
 Frittatas and omelets  Bodied rosè (2 years, 12-14 ° C)
 Consommé and soups  Continue with the wine served during the appetizer
Risotto with Barolo young Barolo young  red (1-3 years, 14-16 ° C)
 Risotto with sparkling wine  Same wine used in the preparation (1-2 years, 7-8 ° C)
 Risotto with vegetables  Soft  and dry white (1-2 years, 1O ° C)
 Risotto with seafood  Structured  and dry white (-2 years, 12 ° C)
 Risotto with sausage  Young and sparkling red (1-2 years, 10-C)
 Noodles with fish of the day  White soft, dry or slightly palatable (1-2 years, 10-12° C)
 Pasta with vegetables  Soft dry white (1 -2 years, 12 ° C)
 Pasta with tomato  Dry white  with fresh acidity (1-2 years, 1O ° C)
 Pasta with  meat  Rosè or young red (1-2 years, 12-16 ° C)
 Casseroles and pies  Dry white character or light rosè (1-2 years, 10-14 ° C)
 vegetable pies  White with good structure or red  very young and vinous (1-2 years, 12-16 ° C)
 Raw seafood  Aromatic white (1-2 years, 8-10 ° C)
 Cooked seafood  Bianchi is not too dry and fruity (2-3 years, 1O ° C)
 Grilled fish and fried  Dry white character or pinkish light (1-3 years, 10-14 ° C)
 Stewed and in paperbag fish  Medium body rosè (1-2 years, 12-14 ° C)
 Fish soups and stews  Good body rosé or  young and drinkable red (1-2 years, 14-16 ° C)
 Boiled fish with mayonnaise  Dry white soft (1 year, 1O ° C)
 White meat chicken  Dry white character or rosè (1-2 years, 10-14 ° C)
 Rabbit meat  Red moderately young, light-bodied and fresh
 Veal  Young red light (1-2 years, 14 ° C)
 Lamb meat  Medium-bodied dry red (2 years, 16 ° C)
 Pork  Medium-bodied dry red (2 years, 16’C)
 Liver and kidney  Red-bodied or red young (1-3 years 12-16 ° C)
 Grilled red meat  Red vigorous medium aging (2-5 years, 18 ° C)
 Red meat stew  Red medium aging also vivacious (1-3 years, 16’C)
 Braised red meat  Good quality and aging red (2-5 years, 18 ° C)
 Boiled meats and cooked meats  Young generous and also vivacious red  (1-3 years, 16-18 ° C)
 small game  Good aging and body red (3-5 years, I8 ° C)
 Game Feather  Good structure and aging red (4-8 years, I8 ° C)
 Haired Game  Excellent harmony big red (5 years on, 18-20 ° C)
 Fresh cheeses  White, soft (1-2 years 10 ° C)
 Herbed cheese  Elegant white or  young rosè (1-2 years, 10-12 ° C)
 Fermented cheese  Medium body and good aging red (2-5 years 18 ° C)
 Hard cheeses  Red-bodied and aging (3-8 years, 18-20 ° C)
 Spicy cheese  Red-bodied strong or liqueur (8 years and older, 18-20 ° C)
 Panettone and other similar products  Semi-dry sparkling wine or white aromatic (1-2 years, 7 ° C)
 cake heaven  Sweet white slightly aromatic (1 year, 7-8 ° C)
 Tart  White or red semi-dry or sweet, aromatic and fruity; sparkling wine (1-2 years, 7-8 ° C)
 Bakery products  Sweet and semi-sweet or sweet liqueur (2 years on, 7-10 ° C)
 Desserts  Sweet white and sparkling wine (1-2 years, 7-10 ° C)
 Crude or cooked cremes  White or liqueur Aging (2 years on, 7-8 ° C)
 Gelati  No wine
 fresh fruit  White sweetish aromatic and fruity (1-2 years, 7-8 ° C)
 dried fruit  Sweetish aromatic red or sweet liqueur (from 2 years onwards, 7-8 ° C)
 Fresh fruit or fruit salad with citrus  No wine
Vegetable soup and pasta with beans Light and savory rosè (1 year, 13° C)
Risotto with mushrooms Light and vivacious red (1-2 years, 14° C)



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