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It’s difficult to choose the best oil for frying. The results of a good dish and its healthy quality can depend both on oil prices or quality. Fry is an art, but just a few tricks to improve your technique and, above all, be more aware of what you are doing. But what is the best oil for frying? Olive oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil or other? In this regard, we had a chat with Piero Palanti,  expert and taster of oils.

Which is the best oil for frying?
I think that the best oil for frying is olive oil. Caution: not virgin olive oil “.

What is the difference?
“The extra virgin olive is a pure oil, chemical and organoleptic flawless . When instead the oil has some defects it is treated  and it is possible to add some better oils. Thus we get olive oil, which modified in this way reaches a higher smoke point. ”

What is the point of smoke?
“It is the specific temperature over which the oil decomposes into toxic substances that may be carcinogenic.”

A lot of people prefers to use the seed oil. That’s wrong?
It is a problem of oil price and a problem of prejudices. It’s expected to be lighter, but in reality all oils have the same calories. Plus you have to be careful because if you take a bifrazionato  (a derivative of palm oil) that is not a natural oil, has a low oil price, its smoke point is very high, but which leaves traces on the foods and how are they absorbed by our body? More attention to oil price and less to quality is given in Europa, using canola oil, but we always talk of chemically extracted oils and frying remain residues which then we ingest. Sunflower oil is extracted in part by pressure and partly by chemical way. The virgin instead is produced in a mechanical way: we can define a juice fruit even if the oil price is high. Then everyone can fry with what we wants but it should be a conscious choice. ”

And the virgin oil ?
“Studies say it that good oil for frying is also extra virgin olive oil for frying because the residues remaining on the food are always derived great and the body is able to assimilate them without problems. Only the virgin oil has a smoke point much lower, moreover releases flavors. Olive oil is more neutral. Whatever the oil used for frying, remember that you should not be poured down the drain in the sink but disposed of in special centers, because it is highly polluting and ruin the plumbing. ” Extra virgin oil is also the best oil for cooking. Extra virgin oil is also the best healthy oil for cooking.

What is the secret to a perfect frying?
“By me the perfect frying, even though much depends on the culture and oil price, uses olive oil and a temperature controlled, constant, not higher than 175-180 ° C. For this it’s therefore important to use an immersion thermometer  easily to buy in the market and allows us to fry in the right way. Or you can use a deep fryer. Do not be afraid to play with the gas knob to adjust the temperature and cook less things in more time. At the end is what our grandmothers did, they take an hour to fry what we try to do in 10 minutes. This are small tricks for a better yield of food and cooking healthier. ”

We have to change the oil according to the food that we want to fry?
“This is also a cultural discourse. In Europe we are used to use olive oil and, especially for us Italians, this flavor is part of our tradition. In the rest of the world they use the sunflower oil and we can not force them to choose the best oil for frying (olive oil) changing, also slightly, the “taste ”


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