Aromatic plants and natural herbs

Today your advisors of Mediterranean Diet present you: 

Advices for the use of aromatic plants and natural herbs.

If you’ve been walking allround in Southern Italy during the summer, you’ll probably have in mind the mixture of smells coming from natural herbs like rosmary, thyme growing between the stones, selvatic sage, the plants of laurel…

Every region has specific varieties of natural herbs that are more connected with that territory, depending of course on the climate.

If we talk about mediterranean diet, we cannot forget to speak about the great variety of natural herbs and aromatic plants that are present in so many dishes all alround Italy. Every culture has developed in the time the use of the local spontaneous and natural herbs and has integrated them into the traditional recipies, in order to give particular tastes and smells to the food and to bring more variety to the basic ingredients of mediterranean diet, such as vegetables, meats and so on.

Aromatic plants and natural herbs however are also great nutritional elements, because they contain principles that are very healthy such as vitamines, minerals and, moreover, contain essential oils that have also medical properties; in fact aromatic plants are also commonly used as popular rhemedies to various light affections. So, starting to use more this plants in the kitchen is not only a way to bring new smells and tastes on the table, but also a way to stay healthy!

 Some simple things to follow while you are preparing natural herbs:

  • – If you find fresh natural herbs, take them instead of using dried ones.
  • – Don’t keep them too long in water while washing, because many herbs loose part of their principes. It would be better for this reason to use organic herbs where there is the possibility.
  • – The best way to keep the nutritional principles of natural herbs is to use them almost raw and add them to your food shortly before it’s ready to serve. So they will keep also the fragrance.If you cook them with the rest of the food the aroma will be more soft and distributed.
  • – Try yourself new combinations: use your nose as a useful tool to imagine which things can fit together, and let us know!

The team of Mediterranean Diet invites you to the next article to find out the benefits of the Mediterranean diet recipes.

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